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PE Electrofusion Fittings

PE Pressure

PE Electrofusion Fittings

As an alternative to butt welding, the PE Electrofusion process provides a unique socket fusion welded system for PE pipes and fittings.

The PE EF fitting has socket ends with embedded heating elements, that require an electrical input from a welding machine to melt the surface between the fitting socket and pipe spigot to form a homogenous welded joint.


AS/NZS 4129

Size Range

DN 20 - DN 800


AS/NZS 4131


PN 16 (Standard),
PN 10 & PN 25 (Limited range)

SDR Range

EF Fittings are compatible with a range of SDR ratings. Refer data sheet

Fusion Welding

Refer PIPA Guideline POP001 for Electrofusion Jointing of PE Pipes and Fittings.

Technical Documents