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PE Spigot Fittings

PE Pressure

PE Spigot Fittings

Available in a wide range of configurations, PE spigot fittings can be joined to PE pipe using compression fittings, for smaller diameter pipes, or by fusion welding the joint using either the butt-weld or electrofusion processes.

Spigot fittings are available in short or long spigot options; the short spigot is suitable for butt welding only, and the long spigot is suitable for both butt welding or electrofusion welding.


AS/NZS 4129 PE Fittings
AS/NZS 4130 PE Pipe
AS/NZS 4131 PE Materials

Size Range

DN 20 – DN 1200 (varies by product type)


AS/NZS 4131 Polyethylene materials


PE100 PN 16, PN 10, PN 20, PN 25


Short Spigot - Suitable for butt welding only
Long Spigot - Suitable for butt welding and electrofusion welding

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