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PE Maintenance Shafts

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PE Maintenance Shafts

We offer a range of Maintenance Shafts that have been appraised by WSAA and approved for use by the major water authorities.

Where approved, maintenance shafts are quick and easy to install making them an ideal replacement for traditional manholes.

Maintenance shafts can be configured with up to 3 inlet junctions at varying angles and inverts; and can include riser pipe junctions for larger drop connections.


WSAA Appraised

Pipe Sizes

DN 110, 160, 250, 315 & 400

MS Base

2 way (1 Inlet) M&F or F&F
3 way (2 Inlets) M&F or F&F
4 way (3 Inlets) M&F or F&F


Long stub for fusion welding

Technical Documents