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Ductile Iron Pipe

DI Pressure

Ductile Iron Pipe

Ductile Iron pipes are suitable for potable and non-potable high pressure pipelines.

This high strength material can be combined with a range of coatings and linings designed to suit potable water, waste water and sewer applications.

A Flange Class pipe is available that is suitable for fabricating flanged pipe spools and specials.


AS/NZS 2280

Size Range

DN 100 - DN 750


PN35 minimum

PN35 Coating

Base Coat - ZnAl Primer
Top Coat - Synthetic epoxy resin (Blue or Red)

PN35 Linings

Blue CL Pipe - SR Cement (Standard)
Blue SC Pipe - SR Cement with Seal Coat
Red CA Pipe - CaAl Cement (Waste water)


Spigot - Socket rubber ring joint


Available on request. Project minimum quantities apply.

Thick wall suitable for machining and screwing pipe flanges
Zinc coated with resin topcoat
SC and CA linings available on special request

Lining - Polyurethane lining to EN 15655
Coating – Polyurethane coating to EN 15189 (700um – 2,000um)

Zinc Primer + Bitumen coating

Double socket restraint sockets or
Mechanical restraint joints.


  1. High strength and resilience to cyclic stresses and external loads
  2. High stiffness and impact resistance
  3. Versatile coating and lining options to suit application and ground conditions.
  4. Compatible with PVC pressure pipes to AS/NZS1477-Series 2 and GRP pipes with OD’s to AS/NZS 2280 dimensions.
  5. Flange Class pipe can be used with Flanges to manufacture pipe spools and specials.

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