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Flange Adaptor Couplings

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Flange Adaptor Couplings

Flange adaptor couplings provide an effective means for inserting a flange into a pipeline for connection to another flanged component or valve. These adaptors are suitable for use in potable water; non-potable water and wastewater pipelines.

The un-restrained mechanical coupling end can connect to most pipe materials and each size is designed to fit a range of outside diameters. The flange end is drilled to AS 4087 PN16 as standard and other drilling patterns are available on


AS/NZS 4998

Size Range

DN 80 - DN 600


PN16 (Water)


Ductile Iron (fusion coated AS/NZS 4158),
316 Stainless Steel,
EPDM/ Nitrile seal options

Temp Range

Max 60 deg C (Water)


Un-restrained mechanical joint/ flanged joint


  1. Wedge shape seal design capable of joining a wide range of pipe materials and diameters; ideal for reducing stock levels.
  2. Corrosion resistant materials suitable for drinking water and wastewater applications.
  3. Can be installed without disassembling which makes installation faster and easier.
  4. Captive bolt head for one spanner operation to simplify the assembly in the field.