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Hydrants Valves

Spring Hydrants

Spring Hydrants

Spring Hydrant valves comply with AS 3952 and are suitable for use in potable water and non-potable systems. The valve is operated by means of a standpipe attachment for fire fighting purposes, as well as pipeline flushing and scouring.


AS 3952

Size Range

DN 80, DN 100


Standard, Swab




Max 60 deg C,
Max 40 deg C for potable water systems to AS 4020

End connections

Flange (AS 4087 Fig B5 PN16)


Flange with slotted drilling to suit DN80 – 100
Hydrant Isolation Valves

Hydrant Isolation Valves

Hydrant Isolation valves are suitable for potable and non-potable water systems installed below and above ground.
The valves are designed to provide a screw down isolation point for attached outlet devices such as air valves and hydrants.