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Flexible Drain Coil


Flexible Drain Coil

Flexible drain coil is a corrugated subsoil drainage system that is designed to relieve ground water in areas that are at risk of damage due to water saturation.

Flexible drain coil is ideal for civil subsoil applications such as beneath roads, structures and retaining walls; including other land drainage applications such as parks, sports and agricultural fields to manage water table levels.

Size Range

DN 50 – DN 160

Pipe Class

SN8 Class 400 (Polyethylene material)
SN20 Class 1000 (PVC material)

Coil Lengths

20m, 40m, 100m

Pipe Types

Slotted, Unslotted, Slotted with filter sock

Filter Sock

Standard, RTA approved


Push on lock into corrugations

Fittings Range

Couplings, Tees, Junctions, Reducers & Caps,
Adaptors for PVC pipe


  1. Filter sock option to prevent ingress of silt and sand
  2. Uniform slotting for even and effective drainage
  3. Ease of Installation – light weight coils
  4. Flexibility – bend on tight radius and handles ground movement
  5. Corrosion Resistant


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