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PVC-U Pressure Pipe S1

PVC Pressure

PVC-U Pressure Pipe S1

PVC-U pipes are manufactured to Series 1 diameters and have been used extensively for pressure applications for many years due to its many features such as material stability, corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio and ease of installation.

Suitable for potable water, irrigation and industrial process pipe systems and effluent waste pipelines.


AS/NZS 1477

Size range

DN 20 - 300


PN6, PN9, PN12 & PN18

Temp Range

0 to 50 deg C


6m Spigot-Socket


Solvent Cement Joint


  1. Corrosion Resistant
  2. Smooth Bore – Low flow resistance
  3. Light Weight – Installation savings





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