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PE Pressure Pipe

PE Pressure

PE Pressure Pipe

PE pressure pipes can be manufactured in a wide range of pressure classes and sizes.
The benefits of PE100 material, make it an ideal product choice for many applications such as potable & non-potable water systems, mine water & slurry systems, gas pipe systems, compressed air systems, submarine pipe systems and industrial process pipework.

Pipes can be made in straight lengths (all sizes) or coils (small diameter pipes) with colour coded stripes for application identification.


AS/NZS 4130

Size range

DN 20 - DN 1200


PE100 Polyethylene (Water/Sewer),
PE80/100 (Gas),
PE80 (Electrical/Communications


PN4 to PN25 (at 20deg C)


6m, 12m and 20m Lengths


25m - 200m Coils up to DN160


Black, Blue, Purple, Cream, Yellow, Orange and White


  1. High Impact resistance
  2. High resistance to wide range of chemicals
  3. High corrosion and abrasion resistance
  4. High UV resistance to weathering
  5. Suitable for trenched, trenchless and submarine installations
  6. Versatile and flexible material that is suitable for broad range of applications



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