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Expansion Couplings

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Expansion Couplings

Spherical rubber expansion joints are designed to allow controlled movement within a pipeline, acoustic damping and have a high resistance to work. These couplings are suitable for use in potable water, non-potable water and sewer applications.

The elastomeric tube can be supplied in a range of application specific materials such as EPDM, Neoprene, NBR, and Viton.

Size Range

DN 32 - DN 600


PN16, PN25
(PN40 available on request)


400 - 750mm Hg


Elastomeric material varies by application
Flanges – Zinc coated steel (SS option)

Temp Range

-20 to +200 deg C
(depending on tube material)

Flange Drilling

AS 4087 PN16, AS2129 T/E,
DIN/AS2129 combination


  1. Minimal axial dimension
  2. Limited Weight
  3. Low warping forces
  4. High-resistance to work
  5. High-capacity acoustic damping




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