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Hydrant Isolation Valves

Hydrants Valves

Hydrant Isolation Valves

Hydrant Isolation valves are suitable for potable and non-potable water systems installed below and above ground.
The valves are designed to provide a screw down isolation point for attached outlet devices such as air valves and hydrants.


AS/NZS 4020, AS/NZS 4158

Size Range

DN 80, DN 100


PN16 - PN35


Max 80 deg C,
Max 40 deg C for potable water systems to AS 4020


Screw down - anti-clockwise or clockwise closing

Flange drillings

PN16 (AS 4087 Fig B5), PN35 (AS 4087 Fig B6)


Flange with slotted drilling to suit DN80 – 100


Stud Bolts to suit DN 80 or DN 100 flange drilling


  1. High strength ductile iron body for impact resistance
  2. Corrosion Resistant materials and coatings
  3. Versatile design for attaching DN 80 – 100 air valves and hydrants




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