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PE Restraint Couplings

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PE Restraint Couplings

CIVILPIPES XCEL PE Restraint Couplings are designed to provide a full restraint connection for polyethylene pressure pipes and are suitable for use in potable water; non-potable water and wastewater pipelines.

The couplings have a grip ring that, when fully tightened, secures the pipe joint to provide a full restraint connection.


EN 12842

Size range

DN 63 - DN 315


PN16 (Water)

Temp Range

Max 60 deg C (Water)


Mechanical Restraint


1.5 deg max


EN 1092-2 dimensions
AS 4087 Fig B5 drill pattern


  1. Full restraint system for PE pressure pipes.
  2. Corrosion resistant materials suitable for drinking water and wastewater applications.
  3. Push-fit connection for ease of installation.
  4. Can be installed without disassembling making installation faster and easier.
  5. Easy to dismantle.





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