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Ductile Iron Fittings

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Ductile Iron Fittings

Ductile Iron fittings are manufactured to AS/NZS 2280 and are suitable for potable and non-potable water pressure pipelines.

Fittings are compatible with AS/NZS 2280 ductile iron pipes, PVC Series 2 pressure pipes and GRP pipes manufactured to AS/NZS 2280 diameters. An optional adaptor ring is available for compatibility with PVC Series 1 pressure pipes.


AS/NZS 2280, AS/NZS 4020, AS 4087

Size Range

DN 80 - DN 750


PN16, PN20, PN35
> Socket and Spigot fittings - rated PN35 unless labelled otherwise on the fitting.
> Flange fittings - PN rating will be cast on each fitting.


Thermal bonded polymeric coating (Standard) - AS 4158
Bitumen Coating (Option) - AS/NZS 3750.4


  1. High strength and impact resistant ductile iron
  2. Thermal bonded polymeric coating provides corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance (Standard coating for fittings)
  3. Range of pipes and fittings suitable for PN16 to PN35 pipelines
  4. Fittings are compatible with Ductile Iron pipes to AS/NZS2280; PVC Series 2 pipes to AS/NZS1477-Series 2 and GRP pipes with OD’s to AS/NZS2280 dimensions.
  5. A Series 2-Series 1 Conversion Seal can be used in the socket fittings to provide compatibility with AS/NZS1477 Series 1 pipelines





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