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Composite Cover Boxes


Composite Cover Boxes

CIVILPIPES Composite Cover Boxes are Class B load rated to AS/NZS 3996 and are suitable for valve and hydrant installations in non-trafficable applications.

Cover Box

Composite compound SMC fibreglass/polyester resin

Lid - Cast Iron

Cast Iron Gr250, Bitumen coated AS/NZS 3750.9

Lid - Composite

Composite compound SMC fibreglass/polyester resin

Shroud pipe

DN 225 PVC Pipe (250 OD) - length to suit

Base Plate

Cast Iron Gr 250, bitumen coated AS/NZS 3750.9


  1. Lightweight and easy to handle
  2. UV stabilised to prevent colour fading
  3. Fire resistant materials
  4. Composite material is non-conductive

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