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Waga Restraint Couplings

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Waga Restraint Couplings

WAGA Multi/Joint Couplings are suitable for use in potable water; non-potable water and wastewater pipelines.

The coupling has full restraint capability and can join all rigid and flexible pipe materials.

Suitable for below ground and above ground applications.

Size range

DN 50 - DN 400


PN16 (DN 50 - DN 300)
PN10 (DN 350 - DN 400)

Temp range

-5 to 50 deg C (Water)


Full Restraint mechanical joint


8 deg Max per end connection


  1. The wide range sealing system makes this product ideal for joining PE, PVC-O, PVC-M, PVC-U, GRP, DI, CI, AC, and Steel pipelines.
  2. Unique sealing system that comprises an EPDM seal with flexible ring (Uni/Fiks) that consists of plastic segments with stainless steel grippers to secure the pipe joint. With the Uni/Fiks ring, all joints can be made restraint as long as the nominal diameters are the same.
  3. Corrosion resistant materials suitable for drinking water and wastewater applications.
  4. Can be installed without disassembling which makes installation faster and easier.